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Preparation and training for moving forward



At OILNOVA, aware of the ongoing need for training within both the business fabric and society in general, we are absolutely committed to placing at the disposal of the student quality training facilities for Service Station professionals.

Our methodology enables us to create an active, close and participative learning environment on a virtual campus, with our own didactic resources such as study agenda, practical exercises, evaluation tests, debate forums, practical videos on the subject and interactive multimedia contents, amongst other resources.

Similarly, students will enjoy personalised and constant accompaniment as they progress through the system of tutorials. In addition to access to the Campus, where all the materials required for the course can be found, students will receive a training manual which will serve as a basis for their theoretical training and which can be consulted as and when needed throughout the process. Everything designed to ensure the service station professional has up-to-date training and is capable of meeting the challenges that may arise, both on a daily basis, as well as those which extend over time and require a continual recycling of aptitudes and attitudes.

Consequently, content quality, the versatility of technological resources, the professionalism of the tutors and the practicality of our training activities as focussed on the Service Stations sector, make up the collection of elements required to improve the personal and professional skills of the future professional.

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