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Oilnova prepares to renew the service station network in Morocco

Begin in 2014 joining a local operator to revitalize neighboring stations.

It was on a personal journey where Antonio Roldan Oilnova founder, noticed the stagnant state of Moroccan checking gas stations that provided "little and poor service, no shops, no washing or anything”.

Press: El Economista

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Oilnova gas station offers the negotiating supply contracts

The management model we currently have has nothing to do with what we had a decade ago.

Today is very professional and specialized, is constantly moving in this field because more and more varied services provided by a service station especially in non-oil line.
Press: Carburol

Interview with Antonio Roldán, founder Oilnova

"You must always provide an extra incentive for a customer fixed"

With only 34 years old, Antonio Roldán has a decade of experience in business management and expansion of service stations. In December 2006 Oilnova founded, focused on expanding entity, location, study and development of procurement and opening of service stations.

Roldán Service Stations explained all details about Oilnova, a company that combines youth and experience to provide the best results for their clients.
Press: Estaciones de Servicio

In search of new management models

Report on the sector. The gasolineros try to revive sales

Entrepreneurs stations helplessly observed fuel demand, which until a few months ago seemed to follow inexorably upward line, has been retracted. Aware that increasing the volume of gallons sold is their only lifeline, Spanish gasolineros sharpen the wits to find ideas that provide oxygen to their business.


Press: En Primera

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Galp and Enex Agreement, with the advice of Oilnova

"Advised and participated in the signing of this contract"

Galp has signed with Enex, Concise Corporation subsidiary dedicated to the management of service stations, a contract through which championing and arrange exclusive supply 14 service stations in Catalonia, Madrid and Murcia.
Press: Red EESS

Antonio Roldán joins Oilnova

Prior to joining his new responsibility, Roland took nine years holding various positions in Galp Energia, becoming responsible for expansion of service stations in Andalusia and Badajoz.


Press: Revista Carburol

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